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Superannuation and Estate Planning

Did you know that superannuation (and any death benefits or life insurance proceeds taken out within super policies) are not assets automatically covered by the provisions of your Will? Under the superannuation regime many trustees of super funds (including self-managed super funds) have the power to decide under the terms of the Trust Deed how... Read more »

Challenges to Wills for Want of Knowledge and Approval (and a few other things)

Challenges to Wills based upon an alleged want of knowledge and approval seem somewhat of an ugly step-sister. Not popular, possibly not very well understood and certainly rarely written about. This paper attempts to shed some light on this unloved area of estates law and to explore the relationship between the complexity of a Will and the likelihood that a Court will find that a testator knew and approved of its contents.

Some Observations About Wills and Estates

What Happens if You Die Without a Will – Intestacy If you die without a valid Will your estate is distributed according to the rules set out in section 72G of the Administration and Probate Act. These rules provide that: If you have a spouse but no children, then your entire estate passes to your... Read more »

Wills for Blended Families

When you marry or re-marry there are a few things that you should know regarding your will. A will is cancelled by marriage unless it is expressed to be made in contemplation of that marriage. A will is not cancelled by divorce, but the following occurs: an appointment of the former spouse as executor is... Read more »