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B.Arch.St.,  BA. (Hons), LL.B.

Todd has degrees in Law, Arts (Honours Literature) and Architectural Studies.  He commenced practice as a lawyer in 2000 in a small suburban firm specialising in criminal defence, personal injury and civil litigation. He then worked as a Judge’s Associate in the Federal Court of Australia for nearly two years, working primarily on native title, migration, civil and commercial litigation and trade practice matters.

Over the years Todd has worked in both small and medium sized firms, developing a focus on courtroom advocacy in criminal defence, personal injuries and general civil litigation.

In 2009 Todd further developed his advocacy and courtroom skills by completing the Bar Readers’ Course and subsequently practicing as a barrister at Wright Chambers for several years.  During this time Todd appeared in many different jurisdictions including the Full Family Court and Court of Appeal in Western Australia.

Todd has appeared as counsel in numerous trials in the Magistrates and District Courts in criminal and civil jurisdictions, as well as appearing in the Supreme Court for both Magistrate’s Appeals and before the Court of Criminal Appeal.

In addition, Todd has appeared for many clients in a number of professional Disciplinary Tribunals. In October 2016 Todd joined Adelta Legal as a Consultant.

He enjoys:

  • litigation
  • advocacy
  • appearing as counsel at a trial or pre-trial negotiations,

and will strive to get the best, and most cost-effective, result for you.