Adelta Legal offers a broad range of commercial law services to help you in all aspects of your business endeavours.

Whether you are a sole trader, in partnership or involved in running a company, our solicitors are able to provide expert guidance in making the most of opportunities and avoiding the pitfalls.

If you are just starting out, we will discuss with you the different structures available to you and recommend those best suited to your particular needs.

Adelta Legal can:

  • Incorporate a company for you;
  • Set up and advise on trust structures;
  • Prepare partnership agreements;
  • Act for you in relation to buying or selling a business, including the preparation of all necessary documents in compliance with applicable legislation;
  • Negotiate and prepare leases, licences and sale contracts for premises associated with your business;
  • Prepare loan agreements, mortgages, securities and other documents that you may need to protect your interests in a business;
  • Advise you in relation to franchise businesses;
  • Help you to undertake due diligence in deciding whether to buy a business;
  • Advise you about planning for the future of your business when you retire;
  • Make sure that your business structure is compatible with your personal or family arrangements.

Conflict Resolution

If you are in conflict with your business partners or associates, we will help you, where possible, to negotiate a resolution of your dispute with a view to reaching the best possible outcome.

And if things have not worked out as you had planned, we can advise you of your options to exit your business interests. This may include the sale of the business, the dissolution of a partnership or the winding up of a company.

When an amicable resolution of a dispute with others in relation to the break-down of a business is not possible, we can offer advice about taking court action to enforce or defend your entitlements. Our solicitors have experience in handling such claims in the various State and Federal Courts, as well as negotiating out-of-court settlements through mediation.

Tailored Commercial Legal Solutions

Whilst we focus on small business, our solicitors also offer expertise and experience in more complex business transactions on behalf of larger enterprises. We are able to tailor a range of contracts to suit your specific needs in a timely and efficient manner.

We are always conscious of the importance of costs to our clients, and so will work with you to minimise expense wherever possible.
We are always conscious of the importance of costs to our clients, and so will work with you to minimise expense wherever possible. We will always discuss your requirements with you before commencing work to ensure that you understand just what is involved.

Whatever advice you need, we will work with you and, where necessary, your financial advisers, to ensure the best outcome for you. Call us today on 08 8415 5000 to start discussing your needs.

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